Educated White Woman Who Voted for Trump— The Backlash, the Burden & the Blessing

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m an educated white woman who voted for Trump. For several months and up to election night no one except a few close friends and immediate family members knew who I was supporting for the US November 2016 presidential election.

For months I was paralyzed; fearful to announce through a social media post or even by “liking” a random pro-Trump post that passed my eyes through the hundreds of thousands of snippets I’d see daily. I was paralyzed and afraid an errant key stroke would trigger a digital trace and unintentionally unveil who I really wanted to be the presidential victor. Why? Because I was afraid of the backlash. How could an educated woman vote for a “pig” like Donald Trump? How could I vote for an ex-reality TV star—a crude, bullish woman denigrator strutting around with a fluffy wad of blonde straw-like hair? Isn’t that defying and degrading your own gender? No. The reasons are complicated and at times hard to face, but ultimately, I voted for Donald Trump out of fear. Not anger….fear. Fear of many things I was AFRAID to say or admit publicly. I had fear and was afraid of the backlash and burden of political correctness.

Award winning cognitive psychologist and New York Times Bestseller Daniel Levitin wrote in his book The Organized Mind, “Information scientist have quantified all this: In 2011, Americans took in five times as much information every day as they did in 1986—the equivalent of 175 newspapers. During our leisure time, not counting work, each of us process 34 gigabytes or 100,000 words every day.” This is amazing to take in and appreciate…. After digesting countless gigabytes of pro-Clinton media snippets for months and months, I was honestly moved at times in her favor, especially when they talked about her stories and struggles, her mother Dorothy, and her rise in confidence. I was watching a CNN special one evening, and I remember feeling angry for her when I thought of all the things Bill did to her…She really seems to genuinely care about children and women’s rights. At times I was moved and conflicted, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to move me—a strong, independent modern woman. Other than “breaking the glass ceiling” what was her cause? She had “issues” she obviously cared about, but I didn’t feel like she was convincing me. I had a hard time seeing her heart. Ultimately, I didn’t trust or connect with her. I wanted to. I desperately wanted to, but I had to follow my own heart. I had to fearfully trust this man, so I did it. I voted for Trump.

The Backlash
I posted a picture of me and some family members during the early hours on election night. Again, I was careful to avoid saying who I was supporting…I just posted a general comment.

November 8 at 8:56pm ·
Lovin’ election night with my family! What an amazing political night….who can’t help but be excited??

At that point, I was slowly preparing myself that Hillary Clinton was going to the next president. I was imagining Bill and Chelsea strutting around in the background, and I was trying to imagine the thought of having to get used to their faces again for the next eight years. I was so afraid to hope that Trump would win. I started to tell myself, “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having a woman president….it WOULD be nice to have equal damn pay!” Clinton was still in the race at that point. However, within minutes of it being clear Trump was taking over, the posts from friend’s pages started coming.

November 8 at 11:57pm ·
All the people who “hoped” for a Trump win must be very happy right now. Me? I’ll be sitting in the loser section with all my friends!! My REAL friends 😉
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November 9 at 7:58am ·

We gonna make ‘Merica great again???? This fucking guy….
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Sasha M**** I’m with Susan. Horrifying.
Like · Reply · 1 · November 9 at 11:44pm

Ryan ****** I love all my friends…NO POLITICAL POSITION will ever tear us apart….it’s simply a perspective based on experiences….it doesn’t limit my ability to love others with different political persuasions
Like · Reply · 2 · November 9 at 11:48pm

Sasha M**** You’re a wonderful person, Ryan******* and I’ll always love you. But I’m seriously going into mourning.
Like · Reply · 1 · November 9 at 11:49pm

I felt almost ashamed that I was happy Trump won. I felt bad that friends of mine…close friends of mine….were actually crying and literally freaking out that Trump won.  How do you explain to your friends how you could vote for a guy that has “grabbed a woman by her pussy”? How could I explain why I voted for him? How could I explain that although Trump did demonstrate low class behavior, and that I myself am nervous of his “knee-jerk reactions”, and twitter rampages, for some reason I felt that America has gone far too left and that we simply need to readjust our course. Period. I really want Trump to take China into account. I want Isis defeated and my list goes on.

It’s been just over a month since election night and two of my closest friends have just started speaking to me. They are still shocked that a registered Independent, “liberal” with regards to the environment, education, gun laws, marijuana, etc., and a person who has many types of friends from different walks of life could vote for someone who in their minds is evil, cruel, scary and essentially— a menace and an international threat to society.

The Burden
It’s a heavy feeling to feel the friction in our country, especially in our close circles of friends. This election has torn us apart in many ways. Some may say I’m being cold- hearted and naive for voting for a “jerk” like Donald Trump. I don’t think I am. I am being a stalwart realist and putting a tough hand to some of the issues that affect the way I feel. I’m almost afraid to say it…. but I’m deeply afraid of radical Islamic terrorist. I’m especially afraid of home grown terrorism, which is being conducted by “Radicalized-Americanized Muslims”. I’m afraid to go to Boston on my wedding anniversary because I’m afraid to get killed by a bomb or terrorized in some way since it’s on July fourth and a high profile target date for terrorist. A very close 23 year old family member is moving to Versaille, France next year for a masters degree program, and I’m afraid he’ll get killed due to the high volume of terrorist activity there. Me and my husband are at heart urban people but aren’t afraid of plane crashes or pollution.  Instead, we’ve started thinking we have a greater chance of getting killed by an act of terrorism. My best friend was a runner in the Boston Marathon, and we were so relieved she wasn’t one of the ones cut down that day.  I remember being so relieved to hear from her, and knowing she was still alive.

These are the reasons I’m afraid.

Let me expand a moment more…If savoring the American spirit, enjoying the blanket of freedom that’s been hand-delivered to them, living a free life in a trusting and unsuspecting suburban community verses living in “bomb infested zone” isn’t enough to prevent a home-grown terrorist from making emotional bonds and killing their neighbors by the masses, how can we possibly trust this culture/religion? How can we allow them to integrate into our society? I KNOW it sounds terrible, but Trump is right on this aspect: I don’t know WHAT it is, but I do know this, as Trump would say, “SOMETHING IS GOING ON” with radical Islam. It scares me. A lot. Please help me understand this. I can almost understand terrorism that’s abroad…because those individuals are not socialized here in the U.S. and they don’t really know us, so there’s no way they can empathize with us. The chilling thing to me is the homegrown terrorist…children who grow up among other children, experiencing similar experiences, growing up together…year after year and seeing and participating in holidays, birthdays, social situations, movies, music, food—enjoying FREEDOM side by side, how can they destroy that? A burning hate, that’s festering like a poison deep inside them….instead of building trust, they’re annihilating it.

A huge question comes to bear….where are the Muslim community leaders? Where are the women, the men, the teens? Why are they silent? Where are their voices? Let me make a comparison— If all AND 95% of ALL RAPIST WERE WHITE MEN, many would fear and distrust white men. We would expect white leaders to stand up and call out any known rapist. I feel white leaders would be outspoken and embark on crusades to beat down this “segment of our society” and root it out. Do we see that pro-active behavior from Muslim leaders? Let’s not forget Muslim women and their role in all of this…. It’s their husbands, brothers, sons, friends, neighbors and fellow church members that are the ones doing these things. I’m sure many of them must know. How could you not know? Where and when do you hear these outraged voices? Rarely, if at all. If they are doing it speaking out, they’re not doing a good job at publicizing it. They need to make their voices louder, and more convincing. This fear has gripped me, and I want terrorism destroyed. We need to destroy it, understand it and study it so we are equipped to deal with it and prevent its growth. Otherwise it will continue to come back, like a stubborn weed, strangling our beautiful garden.

Everything I’ve learned about being American growing up is being challenged. We are taught to love everyone and give everyone a chance. But, how many chances are we going to give Muslim communities to continue to be silent? When black people have been shot by officers we’ve seen thousands of black people and friends stand together in political movements like “Black Lives Matter”. Why don’t we see waves of Muslims organizing rallies AGAINST radical Islamist terrorists? I’m having a tough time understanding why they don’t see the critical need to do this—to help restore trust in the American culture. Convince us this is not something that all Muslims should be punished nor ostracized for!

How many people are going to have be killed by their Muslim neighbors until something or someone stops them? The burden is the sadness that this dysfunction causes. I partly voted for Trump because I believe he will pause immigration from terror-torn countries and make a “safe zone” for innocent bystanders that are not at fault for their Muslim counterparts. Is this too simplistic a view or is it beautifully simple and most effective?

The Blessing
I hope Donald Trump doesn’t dishonor my vote. I hope he can control himself and channel his energy to do the hard work that needs done in order to re-harness our country. I’m so sick to death of feeling paralyzed and being swept away in the current…I fear that we have been so chained to the past…it’s like we’ve been being conditioned to embrace the “pack” mentality…. Trudging on day by day, year by year, nothing changing long-term…really. Again, nothing changing and we as a culture accepting this state of complacency. That’s why I feel November eighth was a blessing. It was the beginning of change. Although I know it’s still brand-new, there are slivers of light that can give Americans cause to hope.

For months, I had secret talks with many people, mostly strangers who I got a vibe that I could be so bold as to discuss a quick blurb about politics. Right before the election I was in Macy’s and sparked up a casual conversation with a middle aged female sales associate. She looked over her shoulder and whispered, “We’re not supposed to discuss politics with our customers, but I can tell you this, I’m not voting for Hillary”. I nodded, smiled and wished her a good day.

On October 12, 2016 I predicted on my Twitter page that,
Ryan ****** ‏@R****** Oct 12
Many fear a #politicallycorrect backlash if they openly support #Trump—Are #polls TRULY accurate? @washingtonpost

I feel that not only is Trump off to a good start, but here’s another prediction: Donald Trump is and will be grooming his daughter Ivanka, to be the first U.S. woman president. If Ivanka continues to be the classy, educated, honest and trustworthy individual she is proving to be, then she will absolutely get my vote when Donald is ready to hand her the scepter. She’s also taking on climate issues and women issues—such as that coveted equal pay talking point. The fact that she and her husband are moving to Washington D.C. says it all. She’s in it for the long haul. This will be very interesting! I’m also happy and feeling blessed that things will be changing with China. I feel now that the U.S. ambassador to China was just chosen signals that finally, the real negotiations with China will begin. I’m sick to death of every product I pick up has the “made in China” stamp. I’m ready for a new day in American growth and strength. I’m excited to be living at this exciting time in history, and living and breathing the new air of change. The way I see it is, the 2016 presidential inauguration will be the official launch of the Trump dynasty, and the birthing of a post-Obama “new American” reign.


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